We can align our lives through contemplation and the production of sentiments


When we look at life on Earth, we cannot fail to notice that Homo Sapiens Sapiens are somewhat different to the rest of the life here. Yes, we have less hair than most animals, and we don't have feathers or scales, but the biggest difference is not so much in the physical, but rather the consciousness and the potential within.

Animals provide a very important service into the world, and are themselves a wonderful creation, but they cannot be anything other than what they already are. However, humans can because we have consciousness and freedom of choice, and we can choose to develop and change our ways. What this means in evolutionary terms is massive, because it means that we can be instrumental in our own evolution through our own endeavours to develop.

And yet at the same time it is clear that something is wrong. Today, everywhere we look we find the evidence of huge amounts of corruption, crime and degeneracy. How has it got to be so bad? What is going on? And what can we do about it? It looks as if the standards and methods that have sustained our civilisation for centuries are no longer working and this is causing all sorts of break downs and an overall general collapse of society.

The contention of the New Human Project, which is shared by many beliefs and faiths around the world, is that we have entered a new time, or epoch, in human evolution. It is this that is causing a shake-up in society because what worked before no longer works today. Many people sense semiconsciously or have a gut feeling that things have changed, and that we need to find a new way. But where we need to look is not just to a new style of the same old thing, but rather we need to look at the fundamental reasons and principles behind how we live our lives.

In the New Human Project we look at the natural design of human life to learn the values, qualities and sentimens that are truly enhancing of it. Such things as warmth, love and respect are the sort of things that are at the foundation of any healthy person or society, and when we champion such qualities into the world by developing them in our own lives, we can make a genuine contribution to the future of mankind.