In order for the world to change,
it is necessary for us to change,
because we make the world the way it is


Human beings are the appearance of conscious life on Earth: we are not fixed to an automatic or robotic form of life but can choose how to be and how to respond. However we can only do so according to our grasp of the truth of our situation. We are the most evolved form of life on Earth but if we are not careful we can go off track and lose sight of the true context of our lives and the true values of things.

In addition to this the human race is evolving and our perception is also evolving, becoming broader, more detailed, deeper and truer. We are like ships sailing through a mist that is gradually clearing, and as we emerge we can begin to orient ourselves according to the world that we see. By working things out for ourselves, we can begin to grasp the truth of our situation and find a way forward that is based upon what we are, what we are for and why we are here.

For example, what are the sentiments that we can align our lives to that will make our dealings with each other more human?

And sustainability, another key issue today will only be possible when we truly care about the natural worlds and when we are prepared to change our ways and not be greedy.

Each one of us is a complex of human feeling, conscience, mindfulness, sensitivity, wonder, curiosity, perception and love, and our way forward needs to respect and include all of these attributes because it is all of these together that make us human.

The New Human Project is the work of Dr. (Physics) Lawrence Whitmore. It must be emphasised that this work is in no way political and offers no practical threat to the existing establishment. The truth is that we are all in a sinking ship right now, and all genuine views and ideas are needed. This is the moral justification for trying.