Why are human beings on Earth?

How is human life naturally meant to be?

What is it that makes us human?

Welcome to The New Human Project

There is much uncertainty in our human world right now, and many people consider that we are in the last stages of our civilisation. With ongoing economic, financial, social and moral collapse, and threats of world destruction all around, this is a very unsettling time.

What is needed is a call back to the centre of what human life is naturally meant to be about. Through this we might find greater stability and security in our lives and a way of living that is less demanding upon the planet. It is said that when all else fails, we should look carefully at our fundamentals because perhaps we have gone off track. It is in this sense that the deeper questions of life, such as What is it that makes us human?, are important. It is these questions that can guide us and help us find our natural way.

The New Human Project is a research into the fundamental reasons and ethics of human life. It seeks to look at all things in a fresh light, without prejudice or bias, in order to appreciate their true values. What, for example, might be the natural roles of Attitude and Humility in our lives? How is human evolution manifesting itself today? What are the natural purposes of human life? What are the key values of a sustainable human society?

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